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Calling all bold, eclectic and unapologetic queens! 💜 The designs in our subscription boxes are exclusive and aren’t available unless you’re in the club! These exclusive designs are at an uhmazing price and come to your door step monthly! Be the badass you know you are and join the club! 

Here’s how it works:

Select what box you want 

What design- statement, hoops, variety etc 

What metal- gold or silver (this is only of metal or finish will show when wearing) 

You can cancel or change what box you want at any time. You have until the last day of every month to either cancel, change what box you want or keep the one you’re already subscribed to.

Thats it!

Wear what you want and feel unapologetically you one earring at a time!! 

If you have any questions regarding about she makes subscription boxes please email:

I can’t wait to have you join the club 💜



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